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Automotive SEO 101

SEO drives the most website leads

It has much higher ROI than PPC

A good SEO foundation will last for years

Most of your dealerships' leads come from Organic

Google users only click on PPC Ads 20% of the time

What are you doing to drive more organic traffic?

We work with 100% of major car dealer website vendors

Does your current SEO include blog posts?

BE CAREFUL! Updates to Google's algorithm have made generic blog posts actually harmful to your SEO

SEO Package Features





SEO Landing Page

Drive more organic traffic

We will build SEO landing pages directly on your website to drive organic traffic to your dealership site. We will build the landing pages based on your PMA's highest searched terms

We will make sure every meta tag and page element has been SEO optimized to rank higher in organic search results. We will also track these results on Google and Bing and report on an movements of your organic search rankings.

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Automotive Schema Markup

Make sure search engines like Google and Bing can read your site

How do you rank higher organically? By letting Google know exactly how to read every inch of your website. There are many different Schema types, we will apply the following types to your automotive website so they are picked up and indexed correctly:

AutoDealer Schema Car Schema SaleEvent Schema Breadcrumb Schema Rating Schema WebPage Schema

Technical SEO

We will programmatically fix errors, warnings, and anything that could affect your organic rankings.

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SEO Keyword Research

What are the most important organic keywords for your dealership?

The first step is to identify exactly what keywords are generating the most traffic to your dealership website.

Using a combination of data from Google Search Console, and Google Adwords, we can determine exactly what people are searching when they are looking for your brand in your area.

Google Synchronization

Sync all your dealerships Google products together.

Google allows you to connect all of your different products together. We will connect and synchronize Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search Console, Google My Business, and Google Optimize.

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All-in-One SEO Dashboard

Monitor all of your marketing efforts with one login.

Logging in to 20 different dashboards to see data can be confusing and time consuming. Our dashboard lets you connect over 30 different products so you can see all of your important information in one consolidated view.

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Website Audit + Score

Monitor and track the state of your current SEO strategy

Along with keyword research, we will crawl your website looking for any pre-existing technical errors or deficiencies pertaining to your website vendors code. We will actively work to fix any issues that we find

Does your current SEO include blog posts?

BE CAREFUL! Updates to Google's algorithm have made generic blog posts actually harmful to your SEO

Monthly Reporting

We will update your specific keyword progress on a monthly basis.

Unlike most automotive SEO vendors, we will actively track your organic ranking position on Google, Bing, Google Mobile, and Google Local (the snack pack)

Lead Optimization

Optimize your website to capture as many hard leads as possible

Using tools like Google Optimize, we will give you an in-depth consultation on your website. Conversion Rate Optimization is all the rage, and we take it very seriously. What's the best Call-to-Action? What's the best colors? We will tell you.

Google Optimize

A/B Test any aspect of your website to make sure you are converting at 100% of potential.

A/B Test every element on your website for the highest possible conversion rate. We take a scientific approach to design so you can convert more website visitors into sold customers.

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Fixed Ops SEO

Your service department is it's own profit center, make sure Google and Bing know that.

Using techinical markup and advanced SEO techniques, we will let Google and Bing know that your service center and body shop are completely separate departments and that you offer the same services as national recognized body shops and collision centers

Bot Defense API

We will dynamically blacklist a list of over 4 million known bots, updated every 24 hours.

Bots and fraudulent traffic are a big problem. We use the IAB Bot List is systematically block known bots from skewing your Google Analytics data and slowing down your website.


SEM Quality Score Optimization

Use SEO hand-in-hand with PPC and PAY LESS for every click when your landing pages are more relevant

Dealers spend thousands of dollars every month. Our SEO packages aims at lowering your CPC and raising your Quality Score on Google Adwords. We can show you exactly how much you are saving with every organic click.


Page Speed Optimization

Don't let a neglected website slow down your dealership sales and service.

We use Google best practices to optimize your website to load as fast as possible. Slow page loading times contribute to a high bounce rate. Show your customers the information they desire as quickly as possible.

How does your website stack up?

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